Everyone certainly already often see glass in ultra modern bathroom design. Usually it is on television that bathroom with design unique and interesting this has often displayed by many events. As one of the important and crucial in a house, it does no harm if you choose an attractive design for the bathroom. In addition to added convenience can also provide aesthetic value to your bathroom. The bathroom can be made in various sizes and types of different interiors. Now there have been many bathroom luxurious or simple in design. Bathroom design is also usually adapts to the design of the house. For the design of glassy ultra modern bathroom is typically matched with a minimalist concept home.

If you intend to create a ultra modern bathroomthen we recommend that you need to consider the material being used. Included also in the bathroom paint color selection. Because at this time we are talking about ultra modern bathroom glass, then glass of course being the primary materials used. The use of glass is usually on the door or shower. If you want to make a glass shower door, then we recommend that you choose a glass which is not transparent. This relates to the comfort of the person who will be using the bathroom. The doors can also be made from aluminum or stainless materials. Both of these materials are different from the glass but can be resemble glass. But modern glass bathroom design must also have appropriate flooring material selection. Bathroom floor usually use ceramic stones or marble material. As for the wall paint selection, select the anti-water paints and is also resistant to mildew.The paint should be adapted to the character of the bathroom that you have. If the bathroom has a modern concept, then choose a paint color that is also modern. Bright colors are also interesting if used as the color of the walls of the bathroom. Avoid using dark colors because it will make your bathroom look spooky.

Normally the use of glass as the wall to the ultra modern bathroom is also not rare, butglass used only as divider only and not the real wall. Don’t forget also to question the air vents in the bathroom. Because in fact it is very important. To the air vents may be used 2 or 3 hole narrow slits slits holes to exit the entry of air. The placement of the shower, bathtub, sink, etc. must also be taken into account. If not then it is not impossible and even bathroom looks to be narrow. For the supporting tools in the bathroom as shower etc, it’s good as well if you choose a neutral color for these objects. Doing so will further facilitate you also choose the color of the walls to adjustor others. The white color is the color that is most often found in the bathroom. Hopefully this article can help you find a glassy ultra modern bathroom as you wish.

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