The daily flurry of undue hardship a reason for neglecting the cleanliness of the toilet, especially knowing the fact that bacteria and germs is the washroom cause mold smell in bathroom and can be bad on the health of the occupants of the house. Look at your closet and keep the hygiene routinely so that a crust of lime and the stain is not to accumulate and it is difficult to be eliminated. Maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom, of course being an obligation of all the occupants of the house. This is because, the bathroom is one of the activities of the occupants of the house to cleanse the body of impurities. Well, this is the activity that makes the bathroom became a den of disease and there is mold smell in bathroom if not frequently cleaned out.

Residents usually have the same complaint about the bathroom, that is mold smell in bathroom. Usually the mold smell in bathroom was caused by humidity in the bathroom. Your water from the sink may be problematic so that removing the water foul smells. In addition, the mold smell in bathroom can appear because former soap or dirt stuck on the bathroom equipment is not cleaned, so it can result in the occurrence of mold. You don’t need to worry, here are a few ways of overcoming the smell in the bathroom in your home, including:

For those of you who use the toilet seat, we recommend that you close the toilet first before pressing the flush button. This is useful so that the foul mold smell in bathroom after pooping not spread throughout the room the bathroom. Use a deodorizer specifically for the bathroom, you can choose a deodorizer in accordance with desire. E.g. choose deodorizer, hung or use fragrance therapy that can be placed in the corners of the bathroom. Fragrances can disguise the smell of the dirt and damp on your bathroom.Wash your hands after activities in the bathroom using soap. Well, hand washing is not just useful to clean hands to keep the hygine, soap in hand you can be useful to disguise the smell of damp and dirt in the bathroom. Let the door remains open after you from out of the bathroom. This is useful so that the air can enter properly into the shower, especially for a bathroom that does not have good air circulation. Good air circulation can be useful to prevent mold that clings to the bathroom equipment. Clean bathrooms and comfortable surely everyone would like to have it right? So,keep your bathroom cleanliness, keep the convenience of families or even guests who visited the home from the mold smell in bathroom.

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