The bathroom is one of the most important elements to beautify your home and sometimes you need installing a new bathroom. As the selection model, the location of the bathroom, even the bathrooms are devices used. Well, this being one of the good judgment to your home so that it looks more modern and neat. To provide an attractive accent to your bathroom, consider the following tips in order to installing a new bathroom more modern and attractive.

Select minimalism equipment for installing a new bathroom, such as toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and other tools that you can use. Choose a modern bathroom equipment and excited with a strategic and precise mounting in the bathroom. Surely, you need to choose a bathroom equipment have good quality with sleek and modern appearance. Use of information or the bathroom lights are good enough for your bathroom. The selection of lighting for the bathroom you can choose to customize bathrooms. If you are bored with the illumination bulb located on the ceiling, you can modify the illumination by putting the bulb in the corners of the room the bathroom or use lanterns to make it more attractive and unique. Stand or hanger is the accessories or fittings in the bathroom must be available. Place towels or hangers and suits all kinds of models and materials. Some are made of plastic, wood and iron. Select according to taste and budget in installing a new bathroom. Example of a towel rack or clothes made of iron.

If you want to use the mirrors in installing a new bathroom, it’s good to use the mirror with medium-size and tacked to the walls of the bathroom. The ideas of the mirror can be a good solution to make the room more interesting and  became widespread.You can use the outboard cupboards to store your bath necessities. Choose the appropriate paste closet with other bathroom equipment, for example in the choice of colors. If the closet paste just makes the shape of your bathroom look semput, you can also choose the cabinets under the sink or a crutch as a place to create unique shelves on the side of the sink as storage, shampoos, soaps and toiletries. Place mats or container for soap, toothpaste and there must be a toothbrush in the bathroom. Additional accessories can help to save soap, toothpaste and toothbrush. Personal experience if the soap and its friends last not given containers, the occasional time might fall into the bathtub, drifting in the sewer and others. With the availability of bathroom accessories for soap containers, odol and toothbrushes can be more efficient and not scattered everywhere in installing a new bathroom.

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