This current bathroom lighting modern factors play an important role in the interior of the bathroom. The atmosphere and theme of the room will also be supported with one element. With the proper lighting techniques, could bring the desired atmosphere, such as luxuries or warm. This one room can be transformed into an interesting place with interior setup and the right lighting. In addition to the main lamp to illuminate the bathroom as a whole, you can follow the general rules of indoor bathroom lighting modern.

True to its name, task lighting  used to provide bathroom lighting modern in specific places that need more light. An example is give illumination near the mirror in the bathroom to help the process of dressing up. One mistake that often occurs when installing lights in the mirror is to put it right on top of the mirror. Intended to give explanation, precisely the conditions that occurred instead cause shadows on the face which makes it difficult to see the face properly. For that, you should only install the lamp on the left and right of the mirror with a distance of 36-40 inches that can provide the right light bias on the face. Both lights on the side of the mirror is also the right way to illuminate the bathroom while giving effect to the bathroom look more spacious.The development of LED lighting (light emitting diode) is more energy saving up to 85% compared with ordinary lights and are also more durable than ordinary lights 35 times. The presence of the LED lights we should take advantage of to reduce the cost of electricity at home. One example if less people usually pay attention to the needs of bathroom lighting modern with a small wattage lights use so it looks darker now can we replace with LED lights so that the bathroom didn’t dim so that you can see the bathroom clean and healthy.

This type of lighting accent lighting serves more explanation at some point while the warm impression inside the bathroom. For example to illuminate the statue ornaments or plants near the bathtub which can add comfort while you soak in it. There are several factors are worthy of note such as, adjusting the bathroom lighting modern with warns domination in your bathroom. In general the lamps used for decorating are yellow warns. Then notice the intensity of light used, especially for the task and accent lighting that should not be too bright or dark as it may ruin the artistic elements. For ease of set up dark brightness of light, you can also use this type of lamp dimmers switches. Lastly, is the safety factor. Given the placement of bathroom lighting modern the most wet at home, setting the electricity has to do with whether unaccompanied to avoid the possibility of shorting.

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